11 Job Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

QUESTION 1 – “I’m Here Now and I want to be There Later”
With an honest assessment of your achievements to date and ambitions for the future, describe where you currently are in your life and professional career and where you would like to be in three years.  Please include job position, responsibilities, and salary goals for both your current position, and the position you would like in 3 years.
QUESTION 2 – “I Work Therefore I am”  
Everyone claims to possess a “good work ethic.” Specifically, how would you define the term – “Good work ethic”?  Describe how you have demonstrated a good work ethic in previous job positions, and how you believe you would demonstrate a good work ethic.


QUESTION 3 – “We Must Defend This House”

We take our commitment to  Our Team very seriously.  Detail the type of environments in which you have previously worked, with your opinion of their pluses and minuses.   How would you define the ideal work environment for achieving your highest degree of success?   How does your personality fit into the ideal environment you have described?

QUESTION 4 – “The Devil is in The Details”

Do you consider yourself a detail-oriented person, or rather one who prefers the “bigger picture” approach, avoiding getting bogged down in minutia?  Does the idea of process, procedure, and tracking make your hair burn – or make you burn with desire to dive in?  Explain your preferences and give examples from how you conduct your personal or professional life to confirm your explanation.

QUESTION 5 – “Will This Day Never End”

You came in early and organized all your projects; you worked through lunch because it was such an incredibly busy morning; you’ve already had 7 client conference calls and have another 4 lined up for the afternoon; it is now 1:40 and you are finally grabbing a sandwich at your desk and trying to relax for 10 minutes before your next meeting.  Out of the blue one of the managers drops a project on your desk that will take you at least 4 hours to organize and it’s not something you can pass to anyone else.  When the manager asks “when do you think that project will be completed” – what is your response? (Please provide the exact response not a description of it)   Also – please provide an explanation of your response that includes your reasoning.

QUESTION 6 – “What…But….How….Now?”

You take a call from Our fourteenth-largest client.  They are just short of livid because they are having a problem with our product that may or may not truly be our fault.  This is the first notification from the client of the problem, and the client has called a few minutes after 5:00.  About half the staff is already gone, and the rest are wrapping up their projects for the day and heading for the door.  Describe your immediate response to the client.  Describe what steps, if any, you would take internally to resolve the client need.  Describe your follow-up to the client and how you would explain your resolution to their problem.

QUESTION 7 – “Is This The Right Path for You?”

Describe how taking on this job is going to get you where you want to be in the future.

QUESTION 8 – “Awards…Bonuses….. Results… Bragging…”

You resume is filled with remarkable accomplishments. Which professional accomplishment are you most proud of, and why?

QUESTION 9 – “Everyone is in Sales”

Briefly describe your current customer base, and typical requests you receive.

QUESTION 10 – “You’re looking for work and we’re asking how you let them go.”

Have you ever had to terminate an employee?  If so please describe the situation.

QUESTION 11 – “Mentoring is a sign of a pull workplace. Hey don’t push.”

Describe a time when you had to work with an employee on performance, and what was the outcome? (Please provide a positive and negative outcome example.)