15 Useful Tips To Help You Before an Interview

 1. Do not reveal personal details and property rights of your previous employer as this will make interviewer thinking that you are an unreliable person to trust on.

2. Do not allow any topics related to racism or gender issue to be discussed in front of the interviewer. Perhaps, you might think that your employer has a same thinking as yours, but in reality it is not. Therefore, you are strictly not allowed to debate any topics on the gender and racial discrimination with your interviewer.

3. Do not discuss political issues with your interviewer.

4. Do not touch any topics on religion which might have annoyed the interviewer.

5. Do not talk about athletes or film stars during the interview. In most cases, things you are favored of might appear to be an offensive issue for the interviewer to discuss on. Different interviewers may have different preferences and interests. So, next time you go for an interview, you should avoid this type of topic.

6. Do not talk about your kid, grandchildren or any family members during the interview. You might observe that the interviewer has a family photo placing on his or her table, but this is not a concrete reason for you to discuss this matter as you might have given a bad impression to the interviewer.

7. Do not boast in front of the interviewer by assuring him or her that you are smart enough to propose a giant project or get a particular commodity for the company. For example, you say, “I can get you a good retail price.” This might be a possible thing for you to do, but as for the interviewer, he or she might think that you are trying to give a bride in an attempt to retain the present vacancy.

8. Do not talk to your interviewer how you hate Mathematics, Science, or Biology. Some employers may expect his or her employees to be good at Science and Mathematics.

9. Do not go for a personal attack. For example, you comment or blame on people wearing red clothes, and you propose that they should do this or that in front of the interviewer. Remember, they might be someone in the workplace who likes to wear red clothes. Your bad comment towards such person may make the interviewer thinking that you cannot get along well with others or you are not a co-operated type of employee the company is looking for. At the ending of the interview, the interviewer will erase off your name from being shortlisted.

10. Do not grumble on the interviewer for making you to wait longer outside. You might have been asked to fill up the job application form in a relatively hot and uncomfortable room. You are annoyed and upset with the bad facility provided by the company and thus you talk in a high and angry tone with other employees working there. Bear in mind that those people are your examiners though they are not the person who hosts the interview for you. They can indirectly observe your characters and behaviors, and without your knowledge, they will tell the interviewer about how bad and odd this job candidate is. This assessment may have taken into consideration by the interviewer who is going to interview you and your application form might be put at the lowest beneath pile of the application forms. That means you have a very light hope to get employed.

11. Do not mention any political people or VIPs just to raise your status in front of the interviewer. For example, you say, “My grandpa is a mayor of Washington.” Or in other way you say, “My previous boss is an interior designer who decorates for the celebrities, Queen Elizabeth, and etc.” This will make the interviewer thinking that you are not the reliable person to work out the assigned task.

12. Do not tell your interviewer that you cannot work for overtime by giving many reasons. For example, you say, “I cannot work after 5p.m. as I’ve to fetch my wife from the workplace.” If the job requires the employees to agree to stay overtime for certain occasions, you might easily fail in this interview.

13. Do not keep yourself silent while you are being asked to answer for several questions. You should answer accordingly to the questions being asked. Do not give answers that are out of the topic. Do not become a dummy during the entire interview section as this will end up the interview section earlier than expected. This indicated that interviewer is not interested to pick you up for the vacancy.

14. Do not speak in a high tone but in a moderate tone that might be heard by the interviewer. The interviewer does not expect the interviewee to shout or scold at him or her.

15. Do not giggle or laugh during the interview. This is not a moment for you to play around with your interviewer. Be serious in this interview section as it determines your future job.