Architect Career Guide

Architect Career
Median Salary $72,550/year or $34.88/hour
Education Requirements Bachelor’s degree
Professionals Employed 113,700
10 Years Job Outlook 24%
10 Years Job Growth 27,900

Architects are professionals who design different types of structures all over the country and sometimes even the world. From business buildings to football stadiums, architects will handle all sorts of different jobs throughout their entire career. While on the job, these professionals will be responsible for quite a few tasks. The budget of the project must be developed and kept in mind when the design for the structure is being created. The objectives and requirements will also need to be identified by architects based on what their client wants.

In addition to this, they will need to prepare drawings to present to the client and determine what impact the structure will have on the environment. Once the design criteria have been met, the final construction plans will be finalized. From here, the design team and architect will need to figure out what the building codes are in the area, any zoning laws in the area and fire regulations as well. Changes will need to be made throughout the planning process, which means professional architects need to be able to adapt.

Architect Average Salary

The salary of each individual heavily depends on which choices they make. Someone who owns their own business could end up making quite a bit of money, but they could end up losing money some months as well. Architects that work for established companies can end up making quite a bit of they deal with a lot of high-paying clients on a regular basis. The average earnings of most of these professionals are around $75,000 and can increase with each additional year of experience.

How to Become an Architect

A high school GED is the first thing that needs to be achieved. After this, candidates must complete a 4-year program for their bachelor’s of architecture. Once this is achieved, career seekers should try to find an apprenticeship to take while they are in a 2-year program for their master’s in architecture. After completion, they can apply for a license and start looking for jobs.

Architect Career Opportunities

Most people in this career end up starting their own business. This does take a lot of time, energy and dedication; so it might not be for every person in this field. People that want to work for companies that are already established can find opportunities all over the world. There are always buildings that need to be designed for various organizations, from government to small businesses.

Tips for Prospective Architects

The job outlook for this career is expected to grow in the next several years. Competition may increase because of the demand that companies have as a result of the economy getting better. Individuals who have a lot of experience and knowledge of this industry can end up prospering quite a bit. There are career opportunities constantly opening up and those willing to travel can really take advantage of them.

Networking is very important and should be taken advantage of by those who are interested in making the most of their architect career. There are a lot of great schools to go to, make sure the one that is chosen is accredited. Try to get advice from someone who has been in business as an architect for a while and possibly start an internship as early as possible.