Asking The Right Questions During an Interview

Congratulations on getting a job interview. You must be pretty excited. The first step to getting a new job or starting a new career is the job interview. Many people being interviewed end up making costly mistakes during the interview. One main mistake is that they don’t ask questions. Doing this implies that you are not a leader, just a follower. You don’t want this type of impression to be associated with you.

What type of questions should you ask? The better question to ask yourself first, is what type of questions should you NOT ask. You should not ask about the pay or when raises are given. The salary is something that should be raised by the interviewer. If the salary issue is raised, you may still want to skip asking about raises, at least right at the start of the conversation.

Asking questions about the company is good as long as the questions are not related to information available in brochures or can be found online. You should have studied the company information available to you before going into the interview. If you ask questions about easily found information, it will look like you are not prepared and not interested in the company.

Now, what are some of the areas that you could and should ask questions about. Some questions are safer to ask than others and you may want to focus on those questions during an interview. You could ask about the average workday or workweek. What type of tasks might you have to do if you were hired is a legitimate question.

Another good question to ask is about the company’s future. Are there expansion plans? What is he company’s competition like? These questions are interesting and show that you want to work for a successful, growing company that will be in operation for for a long time. Asking about the company’s stability indicates that you are stable and looking for a good stable position.

You could ask some personal questions but not too personal. Things like how they like working for the company, and how long they have worked there. You could also ask about how easy it is to advance in the company. Another question could be about promotion policies. Does the company promote from within or do they hire new employees?

These are just a few of the many questions that you could ask during the interview. You must use your best judgment when asking questions but you definitely must ask questions during your interview.