Different Types Of Resumes

Types Of ResumesBelieve it or not, there are different types of resumes. In today’s competitive job market, it's important to make yourself stand out to a potential employer. One of the best ways to do so is by writing a great resume. However, there are several different types of resumes one can use. This depends on such factors as your skill level, previous experience, and past accomplishments. These are known as targeted, chronological, combination and functional resumes. Let’s take a closer look at each to give you a better idea of which one is best for your career.

What are the different types of resumes then?

We will start with the targeted resume.

This resume is to be used for a specific job with a specific company. For example, if there is a particular organization you wish to work for and you know there are positions available there, you can send a targeted resume. This allows you to apply for a job without mentioning the actual job opening. This will hopefully make you a leading candidate before the positions are advertised to the public. If the company has several positions you feel you are qualified for, you will need to do a targeted resume for each position.

Next is the chronological resume.

This does just as it sounds. It lists your jobs in chronological order, usually beginning with the most recent job. This resume lists all jobs you have had. It's a good choice for applicants with many years of experience for a position. This can allow you to stand out to an employer by displaying a growing level of experience and responsibility. By using this resume type, you demonstrate the trust previous employers have put in you.

Another resume type is known as functional.

This one is particularly useful for younger people just entering the job market. Job seekers who have been out of the market for years, such as stay-at-home moms, or applicants who are viewed as over-qualified. Whether you have too much or too little experience, this resume can showcase the talents you used as an intern, volunteer, or student. It may also let you demonstrate how a hobby of yours gave you skills and abilities needed in the particular job. Applicants with perhaps too much experience can show how their experience, then adding dependability and a strong work ethic, can make them the best choice.

The last type of resume is the combination resume.

Job coaches and resume writing services believe this is the best one. It combines the features of the chronological and functional types which make it great. There are two common kinds of combination resumes. One lists the functional achievements and skills first, followed by the employment record in chronological order. The second kind lists the employment history in chronological order, then lists an applicant’s achievements and skills rather than specific duties and responsibilities.

No matter which type of resume you choose, remember its purpose is to act as a sales letter to the employer.  Selling them on you as both a person and employee is the primary focus. Make yourself stand out, and good luck landing your dream job!