EMT & Paramedic Career Guide

EMT & Paramedic Career
Median Salary $30,360/year or $14.60/hour
Education Requirements Postsecondary non-degree award
Professionals Employed 226,500
10 Years Job Outlook 33%
10 Years Job Growth 75,400

A career in the medical field is highly sought after by many. It provides them the satisfaction of helping those who are in trouble. Furthermore, the health industry is not affected by poor economic conditions. When it comes to careers in the medical field, there are several choices.

Among them, EMT/paramedic career is quite popular. An emergency medical technician (EMT) is a medical professional who is trained to provide emergency medical assistance to patients. Usually, their patients will be victims of automobile collision, domestic violence, animal attack, fire and other such situations.

EMT/paramedics have a very important job. Their actions will determine whether the patients live or not. Unlike other medical professionals, EMT/paramedics have to make quick decisions. Those who wish to become one must undergo training from an accredited institution. Upon completion of the course, students have to sit for a certification examination in order to become licensed EMT/paramedics. Only licensed EMT/paramedics can find work in that capacity. Depending on the program and the school offering it, the course duration can vary. Some courses have duration of 1 year while others last 2 years.

What are EMT/paramedics?

An EMT/paramedic has a varied job. Supplemental oxygen administration, CPR, shock management, traction splinting, spinal immobilization, cardiac arrest management and patient assessment are some procedures that have to be performed by EMT/paramedics. Depending on the situation, the technician might have to insert needles, read electrocardiograms and administer medications. The primary responsibility of the EMT/paramedic is to alleviate the pain of the patient and safeguard their life. Usually, their patients will be in severe pain and shock. The EMT/paramedic has to alleviate both using skill and medications.

Salary of an EMT/Paramedic

Due to the strenuous nature of their job, the EMT/paramedic career is highly rewarding. Emergency situations can arise at any time. Hence, the paramedic does not have fixed working hours. The average annual salary of an EMT/paramedic is $33,000. This figure can be affected by various factors such as educational qualification, work setting, state and experience. Hospitals, medical offices and government sector are some places that require the services of these technicians. Among them, the paramedic salary is highest for the government job. Regardless of the work setting and state, becoming an EMT/paramedic is a very good move as far as career is concerned.

How to Become an EMT/Paramedic

Due to the high popularity of EMT/paramedic career, most schools offer training programs. Students of these courses will receive raining in disease control, life support, anatomy, defensive driving and psychological counseling. Licensed EMT/paramedics have to maintain their licensure by fulfilling the continuing education requirement. This has to be done every couple of years. One should do thorough research on the various EMT/paramedic programs and schools before selecting one. All information pertaining to a particular program can be found online.