Industrial Engineering Technician Career Guide

Industrial Engineering Technician Career
Median Salary $48,210/year or $23.18/hour
Education Requirements Associate’s degree
Professionals Employed 62,500
10 Years Job Outlook 4%
10 Years Job Growth 2,600

An industrial engineering technician is an individual who plans effective ways of using machines equipment and other devices in factories, healthcare facilities among other places. They are also responsible for analyzing production cost and making any recommendations for any changes to be made. Usually they work under an industrial engineer.

Average Salary

Before investing in any training for any career most people prefer to know the average salary that career has so that they can be able to gauge whether the education is a worthy investment or not. As an industrial engineering technician you may be able to earn a salary of between $30,200 and $79,200 every year. The average amount for a person in this career currently stands at around $46,800 per year.

The amount that an individual will earn in this career will vary depending on certain factors including the state that they are working in as well as their experience.

How to Become Industrial Engineering Technicians

To become an industrial engineering technician you have to acquire an associate’s degree from a university or a community college. Usually this takes two years for completion.

An apprenticeship certificate is usually given after several years of on the job training by an already certified technician. The norm is that the training will take a minimum of four years.

Some of the skills that may be required for an industrial engineering technician include: analytical skills, math skills as well as good observation skills.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for industrial engineering technicians are expected to increase by 4% before 2020. Although this rate is not as high as many other engineering occupations, being an industrial engineer has its advantages. One advantage is that they are on demand both in the private sector as well as in the public sector.

One other advantage includes the fact that industrial engineering technicians have a wider variety of places where they can work. For example, an industrial engineering technician can be able to get a job in health care facilities, manufacturing industries, engineering consulting services among many others.

Some of the industries that employ several industrial engineering technicians include companies that deal with manufacturing of plastics, motor vehicle manufacturing parts. Usually most of them are employed to work under an industrial engineer and will be required to report to him.

To get a job as an industrial engineering technician in the private sector will require sending a job application to a prospective employer. However if you want to get a job with the government you may be required to take a civil service entry exam.

Tips For Aspiring Industrial Engineering Technicians

Although most of the time the work will entail solving small uncomplicated tasks, once in a while an industrial engineering technician will have to deal with a complex project. This is where the analytical and observation skills will be needed to come up with solutions to the industrial problem.

Although the norm is that an industrial engineering technician job is a standard full-time job, some projects may be more demanding than others and will require the individual to work overtime.