Sixteen Tough Questions You Might Get Asked During an Interview

My experience going thru interviews I always take notes of the question ask during the interview. These questions are the one they use more often. So if you practice and be prepare you with ace your interview with out a problem. Remember keep smiling, no matter what question come thru you way. Try to be calm and pleasant during the interview. Be honest when answering your questions. If you lied about the question, you might not remember what to say when ask another similar question. Remain positive all thru the interview. Make lots eye contact during the interview. Do not let the interview make you nervous.

The first question you might hear from the interviewer is “What can I do for you” or “What kind of work are looking for”? Before you start the interview, remember to shake hands, introduce yourself, and mention the position you are applying. Tell me something about yourself? This could be the second question ask. Tell them a thirty-second summary about yourself. This question is asked to see if they would like you. When you hear this question, “I see you have children”? Don’t be afraid to answer it. Answer the question in a positive way by telling them that your children are helpful of you going to work and you have a very dependable daycare. The reason why employees ask this question is that they think children would stop you from working.

Do you have transportation? Always respond to this question as a “Yes.” “Yes I do have reliable transportation.” Never answer that you do not have transportation or sometimes you do. This would make the employer think about hiring twice. Another question that an employer would ask is “Why have you been out of work for a long time”? This question is only ask if you been out of work for a long time or collecting unemployment. Answer the question positive. State that you been going to school to get a higher education. You also to stay home with kids. Do you smoke? This question is asking sometimes for insurances purposes. However, sometimes they want to know because some people cannot stand smoking at the job. They want a smoke free environment.

Who will give you good references? Be sure to give a call ahead to all your references so they could give you a good reference. Talk to them and tell them to give them some strength and skills you have to offer at the job. What do you know about this company job? Try to do some research before applying for the job. Be sure to educate yourself and get to know the position you are applying. What do you hope to be doing in five years? The employer wants to know if you are dedicated to stay with his company working. He does not want to hire someone and then leave the company less than five years. If we called your last employer, what would they say about you? The employer wants to know what you would say from your point view. So be honest what would your employer say about you. What are some of your strengths? This question you should put a lot effort answering in a positive way. Try to show your skills and strengths. Tell them your strength, what are you capable of doing at work.

What is your biggest weakness? Never admit to weakness during an interview. Instead, turn it into a positive strength. I would say I am a person, who likes to be on time, and some people do not like that, but that is very important for me. What can you do for this company? Why should I hire you? The employer wants to know if you are the right person to hire for the job so state again your strength. Talk about how you can help the company improve by you working with them. I would say I am the right person to do the job. I have interview people with more experience than you do. Why should I hire you? You should respond by saying that you are capable of handling any task and is a fast learner. You should hire me because I am reliable person and get things done fast. What do you expect as a starting salary? Here you could ask, “What is the starting pay for this position, or with my experience what is the starting pay”? Never mention how much you want to get pay especially if you expect a higher pay with no experience. At the end the employer might ask you,” Do you have any questions for me”? Here is your opportunity to ask the employer questions you did not cover. Remember do not ask about sick days, salary, or paid vacations; instead ask other important questions about the job.